Revolutionary Youth Association is the organization of revolutionary youth of this country committed to radical transformation of our society. It is steadfast in its commitment to achieving, protecting and advancing the rights of the youth of this country. RYA is committed to building a nationwide and powerful youth movement for dignified employment for all, equitable education, civil liberties, freedom and equality for women, social justice and secularism.
RYA takes its inspiration from the progressive ideology of the democratic movement in the country. Bhagat Singh’s anti imperialist legacy and the radical peasant upsurge of Naxalbari are our ideological inspiration. Along with this the 1974 movement against authoritarianism and corruption and various progressive youth movements form the core of ideas which guide us. RYA believes that Marxism- Leninism is the science of human liberation and transformation. RYA expresses its solidarity with all democratic movements in the country and believes that it is the CPI-ML as a revolutionary communist which can provide them political and ideological direction.
RYA stands against all forms of obscurantism and colonial thinking and for scientific temper and modern values. RYA will consistently make all efforts to popularize and propagate democratic values in our society.
RYA stands in staunch opposition to those forces within the youth movement who represent fascist and regressive forces of the country and who seek to divide the youth of this country along the lines of region, caste, language and religion. RYA is also opposed to anarchist, statist, criminal and NGO trends within the youth movement of the country. RYA also remains alert to the opportunist factions within the left youth movement of the country. RYA stands opposed to status quoism and is the flag bearer of independent assertion of the left youth movement.
RYA will continuously and consistently oppose neo liberal economic policies and privatization and will make all out efforts to create mass mobilization against these policies. RYA will stand in solidarity with the movements of adivasis, farmers, trade unions against the corporate plunder of natural resources and for assertion of rights of people and industrial democracy. RYA will continue to struggle to change the laws and policies which encourage corruption and ensure that those indulging in corruption are punished.
RYA is committed to struggle against any form of state repression. RYA will continue to build movements against the repression of adivasis in the name of Operation Green Hunt, against the witch hunt of minorities in the guise of fighting terrorism, and the imposition of draconian laws in the Kashmir and the North East. RYA also extends its full support and solidarity to various democratic movements for autonomy and self respect.
RYA will always oppose any form of sexual violence and imposition of restriction on womens’ freedom and equality. RYA will resolutely stand for the rights of Dalits and the marginalized sections of our society and support the cause of social justice against the feudal order. RYA will mobilize the youth of this country to defeat the forces of communal fascism, regional chauvinism, khap panchayats and jingoism.
RYA stand for issue based unity with other left and democratic youth organizations. RYA will make all efforts to forge friendships and solidarity with youth organizations of other countries especially South Asian countries.