Name : Revolutionary Youth Association (RYA)
Flag : Red Flag in rectangular shape (3:2). Three white stars on the left corner of the flag and RYA printed on the right.
Aim : Revolutionary Youth Association (RYA) declares employment with dignity, social justice and patriotism as its aims.
Membership : Any youth within the age group of 14-40 can become the member of RYA
Membership Fee: Rs 2/-
Organisational Structure:
  • National Conference
  • National Council
  • National Executive Committee
  • Standing Committee
  • State Conference
  • State Council
  • State Executive Committee
  • State Standing Committee
  • District Committee
  • Town/Block Committee
  • Ward/Village Committee
  • Primary Unit
  • Zone/Region
National Conference is the highest organizational body.
National Council
National Executive Committee: The National Executive Committee will be elected by the National Council. The National Executive Committee will meet at least thrice in a year. The National Executive Committee is empowered to take any decisions in between the meeting of the National Council which has to be passed by the subsequent National Council meeting. Standing Committee: This will be decided by the National Council In the space of the two meetings of the National Executive the Standing Committee is empowered to take decisions for the smooth running of the organization. This decision will have to be subsequently passed by the National Executive. President: President is the constitutional leader of the organization. The President shall chair the meetings of all the National bodies. The President will have a casting vote in the meetings of all national bodies. The President will centrally guide the organization from the national office. Vice- President: In the absence of the President any one of the Vice President’s will chair the meetings of the National bodies The Vice President will fulfill all the responsibilities assigned by the National Executive Committee General Secretary: The General Secretary is the executive head of the organization. The General Secretary is responsible for the day to day running of the organization as well as functioning of the National office. State Level Structure- State Council: The State Council will be elected by a State Conference in the presence of a Central Observer State Conference will be held every two years State Executive: The State Council will elect the State Executive and the Standing Committee The State Executive will be responsible for implementing all the decisions and targets set out by the National Executive and will also be responsible for giving leadership to RYA in the respective states. District Committee: A District Committee can be formed only after fulfilling the following conditions: Membership of more than One Thousand (1000) RYA activity should be regular in at least two pockets including the district headquarters Town/Block Committee: A Town/Block Committee can be formed only after having at least 500 membership and RYA work in two pockets out of which one must be the block headquarters Ward/Village Committee: This committee can be formed with 100 memberships. Primary Unit: Below the ward committee this body can be formed at the level of localities with a convener incharge of this body. Zonal/Area Committee: This committee can be formed by combining either state committees or district whichever is appropriate. It can also be of a particular area within a district. This committee is for the purpose of ensuring smooth functioning of the organization in our areas of strength. Ad-hoc Structure: If a formal committee cannot be formed an ad hoc body can be formed. This shall be called a convening body and the central responsibility for this will be with the convener. Disciplinary Action: The standing committee can expel or suspend any member of the National Council, National Executive and National Office Bearer if the particular member is found to have engaged or involved in anti people or anti RYA activities. The standing committee can take disciplinary action on members of State Council or any other organizational body below it. Any decision will be ratified by the next committee. The expelled or suspended can appeal to the next higher committee or to the national bodies. Amendment: The National Council with a two third majority can amend the Constitution. In such extraordinary meetings at least 50% of the elected members of the National Council must be the quoram. Cultural Campaign Committee: Such committees can be formed at the level of any unit. These committees through their campaigns can establish RYA as a progressive cultural mass organization. The committees through cultural programs, study circles and other forms can develop the socio-cultural movement.